My baby is 2 mnths nw.. he doesn't feed more than 5 min. At nyt he doesn't wake up to feed on his own.. what to do

Ensure that you feed him after every two-three hours as it can lead to dehydration.. for east tagging other moms Revauthi Rajamani ritu singhal please advise

Pls also read & bookmark this compilation of questions asked by new moms which have been answered by experts and other moms in detail. Very helpful for new moms like you!

hi anuja - a lot of moms complain about this - sharing similar q's - pls read all the comments. and pls wake baby at night for sure. baby is too small to wake up by himself. pls read the article links i'm sharing with u.

Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

Pls burp baby after every feed How To Burp A Baby?

If the baby sleeps at night please don't wake her up for feeds, no worries. Is the baby sleeping while you feed... Wake the baby up by tickling the feet... Feed atleast for twenty minutes ten minutes each side of the breast.

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