Why my baby is being calm in the day time.. N i found her restless in the night time???? She cried like in intervals.. Slept for 10min n suddenly woke up n cnt sleep n start crying..2-3 hours tak ese hota hai....and after all ths she gt tired n fell a sleep asleep..... What to do?? Should go to pediatrician??

Burp the baby after every feed, don’t put the baby flat on the bed immediately after feeding...feed the baby on demand, u avoid eating spicy foods

Are you ensuring that she's not too hot during night time? Or she could be needing more feed?; When she wakes up, give her a bottle with BM OR FM as per what you using.; And see if that works.. keep the room dark and play very soft fadeaway sounds during bedtime. No mobiles Or distractions must be there. Dress her right and use softer blankets.

Ruchi,this is how kids are,just keep her close to you. Rock,bounce,sing..first few months are babys time to settle outside womb. It's okay! Don't worry,this is just a phase,it will pass!

Thank you so much for your advice ritu singhal Satarupa B Kaur Revauthi Rajamani

Sometimes she's breathing so fast also... It is also normal???

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