My baby is 1 year 4 month old.but she is not interested in taking solids

Kiddy Kitchen: Toddler Weight Gain Special

Pls follow the @weekly meal plans on the app - they are created by a nutritionist

Use colors and shapes, get attractive crockery, sing rhymes, evening snack can be given downstairs at the park

Weekly Meal Plans #Week1 Toddlers

Genius Mum Has Brilliant Idea To Make Fussy Toddler Eat!

How I Got my Fussy Toddler to Eat And Potty Train!

Asha has shared Awesome articles. Pls do use the search tool on the top . You LL find many useful articles here

Wat u give in solids..; do u repeat same food daily...; try different things...; my baby also shows tantrum. . So Wat I do is my MIL engaged him in toys or play with him and; I keep on putting in his mouth 😊.. this works for me...; n I also keep a gap of 3-4 hrs in every meal...;

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