Can I go for few days like 5-6 days to rajasthan at my in-laws house...I will leaving on 24th of it fine for me to travel now n rajasthan will be the hottest now in summer...plzz suggest what care should I take...

Hey consult with your doc once.

If your are comfortable you can travel.. check with your doctor once.. also how are you traveling - by road or train or flight.. carry snacks with you to eat in the way.. walking and dint sit for long... take care.. drink water / fluids

plz prefer to travel by train bcz Rajasthan's roads is not in good conditions... nd first trimester better to avoid long journey

I had been to Rajasthan in May. ( 2nd month of pregnancy). I went by train, make sure you do reservation both sides . Prefer going by train. The temperature was 49 degrees in afternoon. Make sure you take your cap , glares and take your medicines on time. Be careful while riding an auto/crowded buses as roads are not so smooth.

Yes I will be travelling by train

Thank u everybody,☺️☺️

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