Hello mommies
Question regarding daily routine of babies
My love is 6 n half months old
He is on combination formula milk n bm
He is a good food water
Loves to eat all things.
In morning after having milk in about 45 mom later he has a smashed fruit banana or apple or chikko
Takes his first nap
Then after abt 2 hours he has milk
Plays has his bath
In afternoon sections I have started giving him suji seera n raggi seera
Takes his nap
Later has milk or coconut water
He loves to have coconut water
At night he has started taking kaddu soup
I boil n strain it
My question is is the schedule proper
Coconut water is recommended for babies at this age bcoz he loves it n has almost daily
N can normal water be given to 6.5 month babies
He has water sometime when he gets hikups

Yes you can give water now as baby is 6 months +.. if your baby is active and fine then don’t worry... schedule is fine.. being mom you would know automatically when you need to increase or add on something or try new things for your baby... there is no guide to follow... it’s summer so coconut water won’t harm and it a good for health also...

Diet seems to be fine. Introduce variety of foods.

Thanks alott momies

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