Aaj evening mein mere baby ko fever ho gaya hai Aur zukam bhi; Lakin maine Usse steam dilwa diye hai.; Phir bhi Aram Nahi hai mere baby ko.; Kya Karun . please help me.; night mein Nahi so raha hai.;

If fever is still there please take the baby to a pediatrician. As of now u can splash a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the baby's dress or blanket, it relieves congestion. Also suggest u to give paracetamol syrup to ease at night so that u can meet the doctor in the morning

Continue to give steam and You can also use nasal drops for the cold especially few minutes before feeds. I use an aspirator to help clear the nose so she can breath easily. For fever give her paracetamol (make sure to give the quantity based on her weight) your doctor will tell you how much to give.

Aap ek baar doctor ko dikha do.. baby is smal fro home remedies.. steam dete raho usse cold mein aaram milega... fever ke liye calpol or Crocin or dolo se sakte ho... but plz kal doctor ko dikha do

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