I am 4 months pregnant. My blood group is b- and my husband is o+; will there be any issue in later stage.

You should ask your doc

Yes dear, u have to go for ICT test to check whether urs n baby's blood group is matching or not in later stage around 28 weeks, if it's not matching then u have take shots.

Satarupa B Kaur can u advice

Dont know better to check with ur doctor

You will need to go in for an immediate indirect coombs test. If your test comes negative all you can do is be happy and wait to give birth. After birth, your baby blood will be tested and if found opposite, you will be given an anti d shot within 72 hours. if the indirect coombs comes positive, then your doctor will start shots right away.
In any case all this is precautionary for later pregnancies. Your first baby is safe.; Chill. I myself have o negative and hubby's b positive groups. So I have been through these.

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