My baby is three and half months old. Is it ok to keep him in diaper throughout instead of cloth nappies? Because people around me say it's not good as baby feels hot and might get rashes. Plz advice

I kept my baby in diaper since day 1. You just have to ensure that you change the diaper when full. After every change apply diaper cream. Give him some diaper free time during the day.

Thank you Neha. For how long should he get diaper free time?

An hour or so will be good. Cover your bed with an absorbent sheet and keep the baby on that when he is awake

I kept my baby in diaper as well. It was just easy. I endured that it was changed and gave free time daily too. 1 or 2 hours. He was fine

Diaper Hygiene: Things that you took for granted but you shouldn't!