Hello ladies
My baby is now 4.5 months.. Suddenly from last few days I am observing dat my baby's hair also shading day by day... If I compare his 1months pic wid now... I can say too much hair loss is done...
Wat could be the reason?; I; washing his hair everyday after massage all over body and head.. N using himalaya baby shampoo...
Kindly guide me..

Hair loss happens in new borns. You may use coconut oil to massage scalp Or go in for Mamaearth oils. Shampooing daily isn't needed though.

Satarupa B Kaur.. So after daily massage of head and body.. We should not wash d baby s hair wid shampoo

U can wash baby's hair wid shampoo.initially hairloss happens dnt worry they vl grw again..

Hi Heena , try introducing more proteins in his diet and you can go for Johnson’s and Johnson’s it’s mild and gentle on the scalp