n yeah i have a very serious problem please help me out.

i have a champ of 14 months he still drinks my breast milk n refuses badly bottle or any other sipper formula milk..what to do??

Hi Sameena. Moms do face this challenge. There is not one but many things you can try depending on the feasibility. 1. Try applying ginger paste. The baby will not appreciate the taste. 2. To stop feeding in the night you can also try making others in the family but baby to sleep. 3 Talk to your baby and explain that now milk is not available. They key is t. Do not give up. It took me few months to wean baby from milk completely

Hi... if he does not want to try Sippers...use a tumbler directly ??

@priyasood thank yew soo much how to make him drink formula milk??

@suhasinivinod yeah i tried giving with glasses n cups..n also with spoons..

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