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How to manage newborn baby and household work together?

Nobody is there with u to help u? ? If not then take your husband help till he is at home cook food and do some cleaning and once he leave home be with your baby and whenever baby sleeps do your work at that time this is how I managed my baby and work...

If possible hire a maid for household cleaning , washing etc. She can also help you with the vegetables cutting and all. You yourself take care of the baby.. while the baby sleep try to finish off the major chores like cooking & bathing

Hi Pooja congratulations on being a mommy yes nobody can be of best help to you other than yourself you want baby is generally sleep the maximum all the required finishing time the massage time and of course the bedding you can definitely have somebody to massage and baby baby so that you can rest and relax that time also a while the baby sleeping it is important or mother also sleeps at that time for some time because sometimes the nights also sleep less so just relax and enjoy the face and the baby also get used to the life outside you