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I have detected some blood today, what should i do ?

If it is vaginal bleeding even a slightest should not be ignored visit your doc asap and till then lie down on bad don't strain your body. He will suggest you further but don't ignore it

Actually today is sunday no doctor is available

K, do u hve her r his number with u

Visit doc immediately

Go for ultrasound if doctor is not available

Do complete bed rest till you visit your doc

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa plz help

I am doing bed rest right now it would be good if any doctor can suggest what to do

Best is to check now itself.. dont neglect.. go for a scan also..

Hi Pooja, hw r u nw

I m good doctor told everything fine, was just implatation bleeding

That's good now tc

Ya doctor told to take full rest

Thank u all for helping

Ya you have to be more cautious in first trimester eat properly and stay hydrated