I am 6 weeks pregnant n today I had 1st sonography baby heart beat is 122. my gynaecologist told it should be more dan 140 n given me progesterone injection. Wat to do n hw I should go abt it?

Hi Anon. In your visits to your Dr pls ensure that you fully understand what and why. I used to carry a notebook and pen for all my questions. Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa can you help

Anon I very well remember my baby's heart rate was 126 bpm during 6 weeks scan and my doctor did not say anything like yours, I have a healthy baby now. Not sure progesterone and heart beat has any connection. Dr. Payal M kindly help.

Thats absolutely good beats.. nothing to worry with that.. did you had any previous history of miscarriages??

Don't's not tht low.

yes mam 6 months before I had 6mnths miscarriage due to preeclampsia.

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