Need some quick lunch ideas for myself. I'm not into cooking so I usually make only when kid and hubby are eating . Any ideas what I can make for a lunch apart from sandwich . Instant low effort (yes when alone I hate spending me time on cooking)

I make masala rice.. dosas... Simple dry aloo.sabji and roti..

Richa Chowdhary; I LL need to do planning for dosa...I love it...but soak... ferment...mix....uff lots of planning n work .... I should do it though

Do instant ones Priya... rava rice flour and curd.. mix well.. add onion tomato coriander.. this will be like vegetables uttapam.. u can add grated carrot in them..

Or add grated beet root to rava rice flour curd mix...

You need to leav this mix for like 20-30 min only

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