My baby putting all toys in her mouth. I know its not safe for her. But should i do through that she will not put in her mouth?

How old is she? Actually you can't really stop them but you can keep the toys clean. Give her a teether. It is possible that she must be teething. Then she will stop putting other toys in her mouth

She is just 5 months old. Can i give her key teether. Is it safe

Hi Anon. My baby infact almost all babies I know don't it or not...that's what babies do. It's their way of exploring. Ensure toys are clean and her hands are clean. She may be teething as you suggested a teether is safe.

Try and avoid key teether or anything made of plastic and sharp edges. It will hurt your baby's gums. Anything soft is good enough.

You can purchase safe teethers on Babychakra itself

Teething Food: Juicy Rajgira Teethers you can also try this

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