Hi gals Iam suffering from cough since 30days it doesn't cure at all. My face became too oily . Evng time I became too much of hot inside my body and how can I overcome these and i am unable to tackle this summer really plz give me suggestions TIA

If the cough isn't going dspsite home remedies, you need to take medicine. Also, try to have warm fluids. make a drink by heating some ghee and roasting some atta IN it, add almond powder and sugar to taste and then water. Keep it to a drinkable consistency. This should work.
The hot flashes will bother you during summers.; so stay hydrated. Wear cotton and also choose the right underwear. Ensure you're having lots of lime water, plain water. Avoid excess tea or coffee. Eat light but in gaps.

Cough the best is steaming Why You Must Opt For Steam For You And Your Child?

Also have ginger, honey in hot water. Do gargling.

Try watermelon and other summer fruits. Treat yourself if lemonade, Panna, Lassi without ice. It will help you cool down.

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