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Is intake of salt the only cause of feet swelling?

I do not have much of swollenness but my feet does get swollen at times mostly during late evening,as what i had read it happens also because of increasing weight in pregnancy however everybody around me is behind me to reduce salt intake.

And believe me i do not tk salt over and above what my regular meal contains and that too is not more i am sure.

Hi dear. No it is not the main reason. If you are having a lot of swelling pls do consult your Dr. At my time I had so much thsty face was swollen too. It's not salt in diet. Best to check with your Dr coz she has your history

Hi dear , no its not cos of salt.
Its just a pregnancy symptom, its may be a reason of water rention while u standing for long etc.
I think its not the reason of taking salt more amd less , but if somebody is suffering from this it is suggested to reduce the consumption of salt.
Dr. Check it. Also , so no worries.

Hi dear, my legs are swollen too.. I have checked with my doctor she says I have to keep my legs elevated during sleep using pillow. That's it and she checked my BP and said its normal.

Gt a headlow position by keepin pillows under ur legs so dat they r raised above ur body level.. itl help

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