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what to do for good posture?

plz; suggest any; tips, exercise or yoga..

For that what I did dear was when my kid started standing with support, I always lead her to a table below her size..she caught the edges and with my support, moved around it..also in toddler hood, one can ask kids to do easy stretching exercises, like raising hands and raising body up a little..also dance with them a little on rhymes which makes them learn equilibrium well...netu is anyways a super cute kiddo..he will learn soon dear!!

Aditi Ahuja if its for me, what u suggest? for mom' s health..
because of tiredness , i felt my posture goes weak...

Actually you feel weak and so your posture is bending kya?..

If thats the case even I feel too tired as you know we both work so much in one thing jab bhi rest lo L shape main baitho...and back me shuru me pillow support lo..baad me aadat ho jaaegi..also take some time out for yourself..bahut lagey to lie down..ek aur trick jo main bahut use karti hu...bahut thakti hu raat me to wen I sit I keep a hard pillow on my thighs and mere elbows tikakar baithti hu..hope it helps....also ho sake to wo excercise hai na feet touch karna knees jhukae bina wo kar sakte ho bas 5 baar kabhi and mere naani regular yoga karte ek jaise cycke chalaatey hai waise bed me letkar seedha karte they se unki kamar 85 years tak strong rahi..sorry long ans yaar

thanks dear aditi..will try sure!