4.5 months and still my baby is showing no signs of rolling. I am getting so impatient :) Any particular signs that shows she is ready to roll over ?

Hey Reshma, every baby has its own milestone, dont worry

Hey dear don't worry will happen soon...have some tummy time with the baby ...
When the body will be prepared it will happen automatically..

Every baby is different dear..don't worry.. give plenty of tummy time during day.. keep you baby on floor as much as possible.. babies will start turning on side before rolling over once she stars doing that you can help her turn around..

Reshma,my baby will turn 6 months this Friday and she doesn't roll. This is okay! Do not fret,she might be doing something else? Some kids,walk straight away ,they don't crawl. It's okay! Mine does so many other stuff which I haven't heard of! If baby is active,let her be. She might roll and crawl in 7-8 months. Just relax and enjoy with baby!

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