Hello Ladies, I have one query..; should we use bio oil till 9th month or delivery or we should use it after few months of delivery also to avoid Strech marks?

hey you can use before delivery also

You should start using right away and can apply after delivery also. Don't itch too much as it will increase thee stretch marks..

After delivery also..

You can using now itself. Well after delivery I don't know because you will get privelege to take bath once in a day. 😂 you will get no time for all this.

U can use during n after pregnancy both

Yes Anjali,use it during pregnancy and post delivery for 6 months regularly to lighten stretch marks!

Thanks a lot ladies for ur answers 😊

Hi Anjali, you can use it throughout the period,; be it before, during or post pregnancy. Try using Mamaearth essential body oil for lighting stretch marks to a large extent. It's a mix of all essential oils