Is stem cell preservation really helpful? I am confused whether to do it or not..

Stem Cell Banking: Your FAQs Answered

I have done it for my son.. there are list of ailments which they claim wher bone marrow from stem cell will be helpful for baby or sibling or even parents... I feel it’s precautionary thing we do..

U can chk online,; it is helpful

I too think it is helpful for fatal diseases!!

Not really. You do R&D and decide for yourself..

I ve decided not to. I am going for delayed cord clamping. You can research more about both the techniques before deciding.

What is delayed cord clamping?; I am hearing it for the first time. Can u please brief me

Have u done stem cell preservation Rebecca?

Delayed cord clamping - once baby is born, the cord is not clamped and cut for a couple of minutes allowing the transfer of more blood and immunity from placenta to be transferred to the baby.