My baby enjoys sitting on lap or on bed. Can i make her sit wit support as many people say should nit make baby sit as it will effect the spinal cord and will get a hump. Is it a myth or truth?

Yes you can start making the baby sit with the support of the pillows for few minutes and then again that the baby rest and items also you can do this occasionally over few hours and everyday and slowly and gradually increase the time

I can tell you my experience. I never made my baby sit or stand before 6 months because I was very very paranoid. If you can avoid please do that. There is a lot of time for the baby to do such things. Enjoy the 'Lap phase'

See every baby is different.. if your baby has achieved chin and chest up, roll over then yes you can make baby sit with support of pillows but only for short duration of time...
Give baby enough tummy time that'll strengthen the muscles and make them strong enough to sit

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