my 11 month baby does not take formula r bottle feeding...takes very less breast milk....i only feed him semi solid food with it k

If he is eating enough nutrition in his semi solid food then no need to worry about him not drinking milk. You can always compensate for that with good. Read these articles to get more ideas. Kiddy Kitchen: Baby Weight Gain Special (6-12 months)

Kiddy Kitchen: Calcium Special Meal Plan (7+ months)

Kiddy Kitchen (Weaning)

Hey anon if your baby is eating everything in semi solid then compensate the milk with that.. give milk products like curd paneer or add ghee in your baby diet... banana are good source of calcium...

Give milk in form of milkshakes if your baby drink them.. or sweet like rava kheer or vermicelli kheer or rice kheer..

Baby at this age can be given many sources of calcium other than milk . Deepti Arora pls