I had fight with my husband last night... I dint even take prescribed medicines.. I just hate him for being so rude... M not going to take care of self... Wanna go back to my moms place...but what if our marriage will end.. Tomorrow is our 1st anniversary... But he dont love me.. He never had...

Oh so sad, first be calm&positively think about Yr hubby, try to be strong & pacify yrself, have a open talk with Yr hubby & express Yr feelings

Dont decide anything in the heat of situation. Calm down! It's a good idea to visit ur mom for sometime,change of place will give you some breather!

Sona ....just stay calm ...don't take any decisions without talking to your hubby properly....wish your hubby for your anniversary ...and enjoy your day with him ...ask him to spend a day with you..