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How do you get your child to talk about what happened in school or preschool?

Neha Mani Mishra

I always ask her once she is back home that what did she read? Did her friends come to school? Was there any Birthday celebration? Did she dance at school? And she very excitingly answers all my questions..:). I think you have to be very expressive when they react to your questions. Like I emote a lot with her. Surprised, sad, happy..she understands all this.

Richa Chowdhary

I ask my son about his day.. sometimes the reply will be day was fine.. but then you twist the question and ask again when they are playing or in mood to talk or chat.. so I will go like so what did aunty teach today ? Did you go out to play area ? What food n snacks his friends got ? And things related to his school activities I know... Slowly I get details.. I won't get complete picture but I know the basics...

Richa Chowdhary

Then I will get to know who hit whom and who pulled and disturbed whom.. what new song he watched and then stuff like that

Aditi Ahuja

I always ask her how was her day when she returns nack and while she changes and settles down..tells a bit..but then during afternoon after lunch is when she gives a detailed account..I have started this very early and I also show loads of interest in these things..if I dont hear a friends name for 2-3 days I enquire..about teachers too and as her tiffin is loved by even teachers so through that I come to know ki who likes what..she is anyways a chatterbox who can go on and on!!

Kavita Sahany

Diva gets started immediately after getting down from bus ...this that and all stories ...whole lunch the story continues and then while going to bed at night too :-)

Rebecca Prakash

Very helpful, Thx for asking Priya😍

Nisha Dayal

I always ask her how her day was?; Ask about her friends?; What did the Ma'am taught?; In case if she missed saying something to me she will; talk about it at bedtime.

Ritu Kumar Singh

My daughter is never keen on talking about school once she is back home. So after much deliberation I realised the best time to make your child speak up about her school is the bedtime. I generally start by telling my school stories to my daughter and then ask her what happens in her school and she just starts telling everything very easily.

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