Hello all what should be the ideal blood sugar level during pregnancy

@shilpitha shanthappa pl advise

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

FBS- 90 to 120mg/dl
Ppbs- 100 to 140mg/dl
Rbs- 90 to 150mg/dl

I was supposed to keep fasting below 90; and post meals below 120

GTT test results:
Glucose, basal :; 82 mg/DL
Glucose, 1 hr;;; : 197 mg/DL
Glucose, 2 hr;;; : 153 mg/DL
It is higher than the level but when I did fasting and pp again it's 92 and after 2 hr meal 103

Is it normal or should take some opinion

How much Oral glucose you had?? 75ml??

It shows gestational diabetes!! My advice is to follow sugar free diet, regular walks, drink more water!!! And check the levels of GTT again after a week..

But fasting and pp is normal in each test, it doesn't matter