Moms when did you star giving your munchkin chili and introduced them to some spicy food?

Post 1 year i fed my baby normal food what we used to cook at home...with chillies n salt. But little at a time untill her body accepted it. Maybe half a teaspoon daily of the sabzi made.

after 1.5 yr..starts with very little..if baby can eat easily , then continue..otherwise wait for some more time dear.

Post 1 year you can start

2years on....
She still doesn't take chili or spicy food at home but yes chicken lollypop in restaurant is ok :-)

Post one year you can try to give whatever you eat.. but ya less oily and spicy.. but let your child taste all foods you eat..

Pepper and garlic can be given in moderation at eight months, but chilli n other spices wait until one year

Thank you so much dear moms