I got 2 girl kids ...one is 8years other 4months....is it good to plan for 3rd(boy)confused or is it risk....

Hey vasu, I would say talk to your doc about this, She good be the best person to tell you. But for now i would say you wait for sometime. you just delivered another baby. Your body is still healing

Is it that easy to get pregnant according to our gender preference? In that case there will be no girls in this country.

Really?can you get pregnant with a boy per your liking?

Im just expecting dearies...sum wr a bit hope....i have seen most of the people after 2girls they got boy...

But vasudha,why?! If it is the love for a baby then it's okay..but gender preference?!After all the news we are seeing everyday,how can you people just think like this?!

Dunno....whats going...thinking too much about life cuz once girls get married ...they goes to inlaws place....parents of 2 girl child will b alone ..as i have seen many in my society... may b in that way i was greedy for a boy....again there can 50-50 fpr having a boy....just a hope

My mother was blessed with 3 girls back to back! So don't be surprised if you get a third one.
My advice is don't plan a child for a particular gender, what will you do if it is a girl again?

Thats true....but my 2nd plan was; for boy whch turned girl....i would have stopped with one....was happy with first girl...with second im not at all ..though its 4months...iam unable to overcome

Vasudha your baby loves you, she chose you as her mother.. will you not love her back.. she is too tiny to understand this.
Pls love her, that is what she needs the most

Many things in mind...
1.As my elder sis dont have kids...planning to give her
2.society what think
3.if i go for another ..no guarantee for boy
4.bonding of sisters is always strong whch i belive...if i give to my sister how my elder daughter reactes
5.what if after giving baby i wont concive ...so my elder daughter will end up alone...
Goddddd many wuestions

One solution.. don't give your baby then

My mom was blessed with first girl who died within hours of birth.. baby was born premature.
Second was a girl my elder sister, she is a dentist
Third was me, I am MBA and I work in an MNC
Fourth was my brother, who died 11 years back!
Life does not come with a surety vasudha! Enjoy your life, count your blessings, tour daughters will give you all the joy you need. Sons do not come with an assurity of hassle free old age. So thank your god for blessing you!

Its true dt girls go to inlaws place n parents feel alone. Remember u r also one f dm. Do u love ur parents any less?? Secondly, we hv heard so much about boys abandoning dr mothers wen dy get married, wat s d guarantee that wont happen?
N which society u r talking about? People will come n say dt u cudnt conceive a boy- oh my god , wat shame.. is this wat u r thinking , dn m sorry u cudnt understand women’s role at all.
Sorry for such harsh words.

Vasudha first of all you need to calm down and relax... with so much in mind you won’t do justice to your 4 month old.. she need your attention in all terms feeding her taking care of her... how is your elder one with her younger sis.. looking at both do you really feel you are missing anything... also if you say girls will go to inlaws place do you have guarantee that if you have son he won’t move out with his wife leaving parents.. it is common nowadays so many of us are stayin in nuclear family and not with inlaws... don’t think too much... it’s how we bring our kids girl or boy and how they stand in their life... with two girls even if both of them come 1-2 times to meet you every year after marriage how nice is that...

U; r covering ur utmost desire of having a boy behind these emotions...if u want to give..why there is a boy in bracket? M confused...u want a baby...to accompany ur girl or u want a boy!
Ur elder sister can adopt too...
It's dissapointing!

Will you give off your boy baby just in case if you give birth to one? Can you not just stop thinking about yourself for sometime and think about the little baby? We all are mothers of girls and we all love our girls, don't your child deserve your love and attention vasudha? How will she feel if she comes to know all this? I begged God for 8 yrs to give me a baby. Please feel content in what you have. Your baby girl needs you.

Vasudha,if you give birth to a boy,give that child to your sister if you're so concerned about her!

Think bout that baby
How will she feel wen she l learn dt her own mother gave her away , just because she s a girl and her mother wanted a boy.
That wat u r doing to that little baby? Seriously filled with anger and disappointed with your thinking

Huh....sorry guys...i know few must be thinking iam worst; and few i gone mad...
But what to do ....i bcame like that....iam taking care of baby overy well...but always thinking to give her....always thinking about life....always scared to brought up girls...always in different world...huh😭😭

You know after few years you and your 2nd daughter will be best of friends. Till then please relax.

why are you so much obsessed in having a boy. are you being pressurised in having one or its your personal preference. don't you think your lil baby needs you the most now. how can you assure that your third child will be a boy. if it's a girl then will you still give up your child. god has blessed you with the most precious gift adore it to the fullest. Try getting some counselling sessions, to divert your mind from negative thoughts. Listen to music, read books to elevate your mood. Fretting about a boy is neither healthy for you or your family

Please take care of your daughters! I'm sure they will prove you daughters are the best!

U knw wat vasudha.. u havnt realised.. That watevr d gender.. Babies r God's blessings.. Few women long for kids.. B content n happy for wat u hv.. ☺️
As evryone said.. Now sons also dont stay wid dre parnts.. Me n my hubby visit our places once in a yr togethr.. Dre z no diff how he treats his parnts.. N how i treat mine.. So nowadays girls n boys both r same..
N u r concerned abt society.. Yaar society ek din ka roti ni khilayegi par tanna marne aa jaynge... So jus chuck 'em off..
Concentr8 on ur daughtrs.. M sure if u take care of dre upbringing.. They wil make u proud one day..!!!

Hey vasudha..first of all..you just delivered..whch means your daughter is just 4 months old and u thinking of next..give your body and urself rest..secondly..no wr in whole wide medicine it's written you can choose baby..whether a girl or boy..thirdly which sons..haha..then u living in 18 century..sons don't even stay with parents..my brother in Sweden.. So what he is doing as son..if my parents are sick i will come fast
.And above all why u need ur son daughter as a future investment..u should be independent enough to take care of urself..and vasudha my heart aches and I feel really bad if smone say I want a son because I have daughters..How many kids u will have?our population says 2 enough..So whatever it is..And being female urself ..How can u even think of gender bias..actually main prob in India is females are enemies of females..So for right now focus on your kids ..your beautiful daughters..And they will make u believe that they are much better and as good as son..

I am the only one child of my parents dear.........am married although am taking care of my parents, so don't worry, parents ki care lena hai to girls v le sakti hai aur agar nhi lena hai to boys v nhi lega, depends on mentality of course their & their life partners.......

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