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Is this normal to have bump already...?

Madhavi Cholera Vidya Rathod

No... You know what I also felt same but when i asked about it doc told ,since it's your second pregnancy the uterus which is expanded in first pregnancy didn't shrink to it's original shape. So u feel like that.

Sure... So why it is showing now only

I can CLEARLY see and Strach marks too which were not their earlier. You know what I am a VERY; vigilant person and I can't misunderstood. It is their 😐

Have u consulted gynecologist.. plz do.. streach marks may be from last pregnancy.

pooja, i dont know, what to i never felt like this in second pregnancy..consult your gynac dear..& plz tell us what doc.say about this.

It will be better to consult its early for a bump but may be some reason behind it?..

I don't think so there is need to worry about but I will ask doc. May be I am expecting twins 😂😂😂 though I am not (oye kai bhagwan sun na le 😝)

wow..Mrs Chhoker 3 kids ..hurreyy!😊
tell me true, if doc.said that u hv twins😄
what will your expression?

Sai me yaar..wat doctor says

I will go bonkers for sure. Ek ti dimag me waise hi fault h baki ye sun k ho jaega. But jo bhagwan de vo le lo 😂😂😂

Till now there is only one sac so can't say