Hello mam i have a question to ask.

I am in search of job but at the same time i am in a confusion 1) it will be okay to do b.ed or 2)i should try for govt jobs and prepare for that.

Is there any chances that i will get a job of my choice.

Thank you in advance. #roopashreesiddireddy

Hey Niru, Do attend tomorrows AMA, palisha is going to talk all about it. Mark your calender!

Niru, do attend the session. What would interest you the most.? Think about the nature of the work and try talking to people in that field

What's your qualifications because you need atleast b. Ed for any good job with decent salary so plz do b. Ed first it is also necessary for got job. Without any professional qualifications no they will just exploited you and I am telling it by my experience in this field

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