Pls suggest me how to treat 1year old baby for eating food

Hey dear you need tips to make your baby eat on its own or your baby shud eat semi solid food..1yr old would love to explore the food so it can get messy but it helps as they learn to eat on their own... You shud try to feed most things to your baby which you eat... Fruits vegetables rice roti curd oats broken wheat daliya...

Yes dear .. i had try everything but he doesn't like to eat anything.. bohtt mushkil se 1-2spoon khilana padhta hai kbhi kbhi to

Hope you have started with liquids and semi solids ....
You can give khichdi n chapati , mashed apple etc ...
Talk to the baby and read out stories if not paying attention while eating ...sing along and feed with the help of spoon ...TC

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