I am in my 14 week..i have hypothyroidism..i was taking Nidagen tab in my first trimester..and my gynec said to stop these tab from 14 th week so I stopped of my colleague told me today that if we have hormonal issue like thyroid so we have to take progesterone tab through out the pregnancy..i am worried because I am not taking my Nidagen from 1 week..

Dr Shilpitha pls suggest..some1 pls tag Dr

Please follow your doctor's advise.
Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa plz

I have hypothyroidism and I am taking only thyroid medication for that. No progesterone support.

I have hypothyroid and i am continuing thyronorm sincr day 1 of thyroid detection. Earlier dose was 100mcg now it is 75 but i am not suppose to skip it. Also no progesterone tabs for me.

Doc is more educated in medicine please believe in her. If u have this doubt speak to your doctor she will clarify your doubts. But don't take any medicine on a non qualified persons advice.

No need of nidagen now.. meanwhile keep a check on thyroid hormone levels

Thank you Dr.
Thank u; all