Please help for unbearable itching on stomach at 22 weeks. I am applying coconut oil but no relief. Thanks all of you in advance.

Use calamine lotion it is quite soothing

You can apply stretchnil or mamaearth moisturizers they are better and also I understand it is because your skin is stretching quite a lot so keep yourself hydrated well

If it is only in abdomen then fine. But if you are having itching on other body parts then please consult with your gynaecologist because in pregnancy sometime itching is due to increase level of SGOT and SGPT. Which needs a treatment.

Use pregnacream it is safe in pregnancy and it avoids stretch marks also

Please dear. .ask ur gynec n tell also about ur skin type. ..she suggest u better. ...

If itch is too much pls consult your dr

Please keep the area moisturised. Don't sweat a lot,keep yourself in cool temperature.if itching doesn't stop and spreads across body,do get your LFT done and check with gynae!