Hi mommies,

My lo is 2.5 months night he doesn't wake up fr feed..I try and dream fed him aftr 5 hours.But he just doesn't take dream feeding..tried stimulation techniques like unswaddling him, patting on foot, rubbing behind ears etc..But nothing works..and finally I give up . Bt when given expressed milk in bottle, he takes it ...pls guide

Hi dear. It's frustrating I know. You can try opening the diaper. Baby when hungry will wake up for feed

It's recommended that u don't disturb the baby if they are asleep in the night....

At 2.5 months, if your baby’s weight is fine I think you can let him sleep. He will wake up if hungry or thirsty.

Mommies, wenevr he cries that time only I feed.. demand based..
he feeds just fr 10 mins n goes off to sleep and in day time he feeds for 45 mins !!

Change the diaper,sometimes exposing to air works!! Do check with paed,is he meeting milestones well? If pee count is fine,baby is active and does not have fever,then demand feeding is okay!

ritu singhal - I do demand feeding only.. d prob is at night wen he demands ( cries) I take him on breast and he feeds just fr 10 mins n goes off to sleep and in day time he feeds for 45 mins !!
So I feel he is sleeping without tummy being full..

Ys his pee count is good and he is achieving his milestones..:)

Nope,he is not sleeping empty stomach. Okay,so look at it this ways,in daytime your kid is active ,plays hence he needs more milk and he has started retaining s8me food in tummy so m7s5 have been peeing less at night,so,he needs less at night.

Rest assured,baby will never sleep empty stomach! They fill up during the day and stock it up!

Thanks ritu singhal for always answering my queries with so much details...:)

ritu singhal - he takes last feed at 11 pm and then demands arnd 5 am..he is 2.5 months so small babies start retaining !!

The last feed is bm,fm and how much? Yes,mostly around about 3 months,they start retaining. FM usually takes more time to digest. So if last feed is FM,you can count 4-5 hours of sleep at a stretch. Even with bm,they can do a stretch of 4 hours if they do not pee much.

Last feed is expressed bm in bottle..90 ml..

@ritu singhal - pls check ur pm window..

Hey it was same case with me, my daughter used to sleep in the night, I had asked PD, he said no issues at all. Now from last week, she has changed her schedule.. she is waking up at at night for feed and taking time to get back to sleep. So my conclusion is babies change their schedule intermittently as per their convenience... So don't worry at all..

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