Is it safe to sit down?

Down as in on floor? If there are no complications then you can.

S on the floor because am used to sit like that it's a traditional practice at my home

Yes... Unless the doctor particularly says no you can sit

Squat and sitting down is a good practice is also helps in normal delivery.. so it's fine.

Yes it is OK to sit down if no complications

Yes of course. Make sure to get up slowly with the help of your hands.

It is safe to sit down. It helps for normal delivery

Yes dear should be fine . .TC

Thanks alot everyone☺️☺️

Yes u can sit...Aishwarya but it depends how ...if it padmasan comfort then fine n not on ur knees as u r in ur sixth weeks ....sitting on knees only help during last month....n plz; make sure no pressure on ur tummy; areas