I conceived through IVF..My baby birth weight is 2.96 -37th week C 3rd week he is 2.64.. my breast milk supply started only after 5th day of my C-section.. Now I have a breast milk supply but my doctor asked me to provide FF after every BF.. he asked to start with 30 ml..; but I didn't provide him FF if he; is satisfied with my BF..we went on 4th week now his weight is 2.87.. doctor is asking me to provide FF after every feed.. please tell me whether it is really needed and also let me know.. whether I can exclusively breast feed my baby in future???

Hey lavanya, i would say if your doc is suggesting, you should go as per her consultancy

Hey Congratulations mommy.. it's good to follow docs advice now.. then slowly gradually you can decide how Ur baby is demanding as well... It gets better by the day.

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