16th week is going on. I am suffering from loose motion. Is it safe to drink coconut water

Yes absolutely go ahead and have it.

Loose Motions During Pregnancy pl read this too

Please ensure you have lots of fluids as you shouldn’t be dehydrated at all.

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The best and natural way to stop loose motions is to take 1 tsp of mustard seeds (rai) swallow it down with a glass of water. Also have pomergrante juice, apple juice and lemon water with salt n sugar please. Also buttermilk or dahi khichadi

Yes please drink coconut water and nimbu Pani too with salt n sugar ...
Take banana will help bind the stool ..TC

Intake of gud amount of water and fluids is necessary throughout pregnancy, take fruit juice or coconut water...indigestion is common this time, don't worry, eat properly on time. Take curd or banana for stomach;