Anybody aware of Flintobox?what is it?

When can it be introuced to baby?

asha chaudhry Anisha Agarwal ,Neha Mani Mishra

Neha Sharma was very happy i think. Richa Chowdhary pls share ur experience.

I never used Flintoboxx...

I personally feel if your child love to play outdoors then don’t bind them with any such thing and let them learn while being with other kids..

I think kids 4-8 love it! Its a box full of art n craft activities (with materials included) and a fun game too.
Try viewing the unboxing flintobox videos on youtube to understand if u r ready for that kind of investment- time and money.

Hey !! Its a subscription box.. for 2-8 years i guess .. and its a great timepass you can try ordering once

Thank you all...
I jus heard about it but didnt know what it is!
Also my baby is still only 14 mayb once he is 2...will recobsider it...
thanks again!Swati Rajoria Anisha Agarwal Richa Chowdhary