My baby 8 month..he not drnk watr..its too hot..wot i do..yet not giv him fruit purees..bc of stomchache..m afraid abt it..plz help he..rice dal watr also he rjctd..

Try if he likes fruit juice. Give him water in attractive sippers. If he is not eating rice dal water try other recipes. I will share some ideas with you. Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months)

A Beginner’s Guide to Weaning foods

Finger Foods: A Good Start to Baby Led Weaning!

Kiddy Kitchen (Weaning)

Start with ABC apple banana Chikko purees

These articles are very good . Also when it's hot your baby can just take a couple of sips of water. .if baby likes then fresh fruits juices without sugar you can givr

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