Hi I'm 6 week pregnant and i don't feel hungry at all not morning sickness, nausea anything can anyone guide y like this

Morning sickness is a common occurrence in pregnancy. Read this article 9 Tips For Dealing with Morning Sickness

hi anon - this happens with many. summer is setting in so no one feels like eating. pls keep yourself hydrated with fruits & juices. curd & chaas, coconut water all good. u might like to eat pulaos and raita,veggie pastas etc instead of regular stuff. tc. and keep eating small meals with cooling foods. if you don't have sugar issues u can even have ice cream in moderation if it suits u :)

Ur not alone I had also gone thru this. However make sure that as its summer to keep urself well hydrated... drink water, lemon juice include watermelon,oranges in ur food. Also u can include dahi n different ritas so that ur veg intake would not hamper. To beat the heat u can also have ice creams but in moderation... even though u don't feel hungry try snacking little every 2-3hrs.;

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