Is it necessary in summers too to swith off the fan during maalish of the baby?

No not at all if the heat is excessive, switching off will mean more discomfort. For summers, for maalish don't keep the baby engaged for longer than 10 mins before the bath.

My mum in law says ki kam se kam aadhe ghnte k baad bath krao

No not necessary if its very hot.

& my baby is having hairs on his ears & to remove them?..earlier it were on his face also but removed by its own ..but no change on forehead & ears

In the summer, a baby gets cranky mostly if the massge is prolonged.; 15 mins or 20 is good to go. Use coconut oil for summers not olive Or almond.
keep the area of massage comfortably warm and keep all massage things handy.

You shouldn't attempt to remove any hair Pls.

Ok..thanks Satarupa B Kaur more ques..some ppl in family are suggesting to use desi ghee instead of any should i go for it?

No dear not ghee Or mustard oil Pls.; Stick to almond and coconut for summers. Purchase cold pressed coconut oil on our app itself. You can even try Johnson's body oil. For winters switch to Olive oil.

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