I gain my weight so much after my deleviry; my baby is 2 month old nd i want to reduce my weight when I m doing little exercise; my stitches pain to much plz suggest me some thing

Hey please wait for 6 months till you start exercising...
Exclusive breast feeding will help you loose lot of weight eat healthy n can take small walks however will loose all the weight gradually no worries dear. TC

Hi Shabz, so many moms go through this. You need to be patient with yourself. You just delivered you too need rest.; It's not going to happen in a day. But with right eating and exercise it is possible!!!!!
When you are ready
3 Gentle exercises for you, soon after you deliver your baby

6 Exercises to Shed The Postpartum Weight

Exclusive breastfeeding will make you loose weight easily, eat healthy. Now don't worry about your weight.