I am going for a vacation!! Yay!! But my periods are coming during my holidays. I m thinking of using tampons for the first time. Any brand and tips on how to use them. Please share your experiences

Neha Mani Mishra Satarupa B Kaur asha choudhary Priya Sood Nancy Singh

I have never used tampons. The idea of inserting them in my private part scares me!! I am following this question so that I know more about this too

khush - i wouldn't suggest u use them for the first time on ur holidays! coz it takes just a bit of practice to insert it correctly. i used to use in my PG and while working for about 7-8 years. then i stopped completely.

Hi khushboo jab aap 27 weeks pregnant ho to period kaise

Even I am scared of the idea..want to know more but as Asha di said..may be not a great idea..I am worried actually as they may cause an infection like UTI..

Never used it..
Shruti Giri any idea about it