Post c section I had bleeding for 2 days and then i had little bit of spotting till 8 days after c section.

But from 3 days again bleeding has started. Is it my normal period cycle which has started ?? If not than how much tym will the normal cycle take to come in routine ?

Hey anon... for some regular period start after a month and for some it’s delayed for 6months to 1 year...

2nd tym bleeding could be my regular cycle ??

Some women have prolonged or intermittent bleeds and then get periods much later. Some have periods quick and then again wait for a long time to get them regularly. Are you breastfeeding?; If so, you'd be getting periods maybe 6months or more down the line.

Okay.. and yes i am breast feeding.. baby is 12 days old

Then dont worry. Keep track of how long these bleeds are occurring and keep us posted for anything.

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