Is it okay to go to a water park during pregnancy? I m in my 28th week..just going to sit in wave it fine?

You might want to watch out for infections and any accidents

I went to bath in river during my 8th month but i was fully covered. I was ok..

Yup its fine..; Just be careful that u dun accidentaly get hurt by someone. I went to water bomb bali in 12th week of pregnancy and enjoyed sitting in pool and lazy river. Just be lil cautious wen u cross people. As they might bang on u if u r not careful

I'd say it is best to avoid since there are hygiene issues in pools here and also there are too many people to ask to steer clear of you.

Agree with Satarupa, better to avoid.

Accident prone..
28 week is pretty advanced...

Please avoid. Risk of infections as well as accidents.

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