Hi I told before that my baby sleeps very less now since yesterday there is another problem. He crying a lot don't even taking feeding properly.what to do? Plz help @dhanya prajesh asha chaudhry; @priya sood Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; @khushboo Chauhan

Revauthi Rajamani please advise

It looks like a growth spurt... Is ur baby unwell or teething, then it's normal that they cry, become fussy, reject feeds.

Revauthi Rajamani; ohk.then how longer this growth spurt will b?? What to do? Any suggestions?

That could be a day or two, if teething give the baby a teether, massage her gums with damp cold cloth to ease up teething. Hope u have started weaning, give her finger foods to bite... If unwell or sick take her to the doctor.

Hv u chked if gums are hardening?

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