Hello.. my baby is 10 days old. Since yesterday night he vomitted 2 times. What could be the reason. Plz help.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; plz help

I think you should see a paediatrician. Did he vomited the whole milk?

No not whole and also not immediately after feed.

One common reason is gas or bloating. Burping after Evey feed is important. Even if baby does not burp hold him up on your shoulders for as along as you can. Nothing to worry it's common if vomiting become vigorous please consult doctor. happy motherhood.

Thanks a lot Neha Mani Mishra and Mala Srinivas

Then there is no issue. Babies do spit a little milk all the time. Make sure you don't overfeed her. Burp the baby after every feed. Put the baby on your shoulders for 10-15 mins after feed.

Baby is small so plz check with doctor

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