What are the chances of normal vaginal delivery after a laproscopic cyst surgery? I underwent laproscopic surgery for removal of an 8 cm dermoid cyst last year in June...

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa can you help please

Hi Pallavi, do not stress and be positive. I also recommend that you have a detailed chat with your Dr on this.

There are 20% chances of normal labor.. apart from tge surgery other things also matters- weight and height of woman, pelvic and fetal head measurements, weight of fetus etc etc..

@dr.shilpitha shanthappa: it was an ovarian cyst..... M not sure if there was any incision made in the uterus or not.... Still only 20% chances?

Pallavi, as i mentioned earlier, it is not only the matter of laproscopic surgery along with that many other things matters.. if there is no incision taken over uterus then there are more chances of normal labor.. again, need clinical co relation.. hence, discuss with your doctor about this.. if you are not satisfied, take second opinion over this..

I also had a cyst but that got treated with medicines. chances of normal delivery is a matter of luck. I took the pain of normal delivery but finally i had to go through c section.

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