Dear mommies I want answer for the below question from your life experience, not what you heard or what your paed said.

I'm a worried mom now because of my daughter's finger, fist, cloth and what not suckling habit... Few of my friends says let her suck and another set of friends says it's not good dentures will be damaged and it's better to give teether..

Both me and my sister sucked our fingers, I did till I was 2 yrs old 🙈 and my sister till she was 5, both our dentures moved up but mine was better so dint need any attention. We spent lot of money for my sister for the dentures to be repaired... My daughter s cousin sister is into full time thumb 👍 sucking.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will simple suckling leads to sucking the thumb for years? Did your kids do this? Please help.

Same case wid my son too.. Me too worried..

My experience dear - my boy did for some time. It was understood to be due to various reasons like teething, comfort, exploring. He did stop after a few months. As he grew up on his own it reduced. It happened in my case. I let it be....when he got older I distracted him to put his fingers on a toy instead.

How to save that cute little thumb from being sucked away to glory?!

Hi dear, it might be a concern for your daughter as some has left the habit but in my home my sister still have this habit of sucking thumb now she has completed her grads but the habit is still with her and yes her 2 teeth in the front are half in size. Nothing to do now.
So if possible please try to discontinue the habit from ur baby

Please read this Rebecca Prakash and Heena Morankar !

There s also a q and a with dr vyas below !

Q & A with Dr.Vyas: Permanent Teeth finally!

I think you should let her suck her thumb and fingers for some time and if it's being very continous you can distract her...I also had read an article that if you stop them now at a very small age..they do it when they grow ..so let her enjoy this for some time :)

I faced same issues in my childhood. My tooth become big in size. Mom told i sucked fingers till 2. I had braces when13 yrs old. But i had a habit like biting lips and touching tooth by tongue. When i did infornt my dentist he warned me... This makes u have big teeth problem..
I want to avoid same habit to my daughter. whenever she bits lips i will stop her.

There was no such problem in my case but u donot worry.Let her to enjoy for some time afterwards u should distract her n when she grew up it will be reduced.

Mrs Chhoker ur son is doing ryt. Share ur opinion.

hey becca - in my experience some kids continue and some stop. i would say let her enjoy her suckling phase - ritu singhal had shared a very helpful post on mouthing phase.

Thumb suckers are from starting like my son I tried everything but now I give up but he has improved a lot after I stop pointing it again and again. So my personal experience say you can't stop them so let it be they will leave this habit eventually 😋

My sis suck her thumb till 6 yrs mummy tried everything from; putting neem; oil to wrapping; bandages on thumb,so that she leave sucking her thumb,but once she had worms and had bad stomach ache she left this habit after that.
Waise every child is different may be your lil one leave this soon,so let her enjoy her innocence.

Thank you all for your valuable inputs, being a mom is stressful I say. Will see how things will go with her..

Thx Naiyya Saggi I will check 😊

Even I’m sailing on d same boat Rebecca..
my mom had stitched mittens out of jute for me😂 den I eventually stopped sucking

My daughter 3 and half months old does that, she tries to puts all the fingers in her mouth, I simply distract her everytime

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