I'm finding really difficult to sleep on either side at night.... I got up several times n feeling tired all the day. Can I sleep on my back?

Hi Eliza! As your weight increses the pressure on the back increases. Why not try placing pillows in between your legs ? That helped me a lot.
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Sleeping on your back is not advisable.. In a long run it affects the blood supply to the baby. Buy a good pregnancy pillow n help urself...

Hey dear ...sleeping on the back is not advisable at all..try to change sides and sleep not worry gradually you will get used to it

Thanks a lotRevauthi Rajamani, Kavita Sahany Priya Sood :)

Hi sleeping on your back is not advisable at all ... But if you feel tired on the sides .. Just to give it a rest lay down your back by 5 to 10 Sec ... It will not help much but will relax you for quite a bit... And use pillow for your baby bump and also for your legs ... It was advised by my ped.. When i was preg... Only 5 to 10 sec to straight your back... Else time passes by you yourself will get used to it ... And its all worth once you have your little one in your hand..